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Teaching Philosophy

Throughout my years of teaching I’ve come to understand each student has their own movement history rooted in their social, cultural and personal experience. I believe in building a community within the classroom, a place where the students can express who they are openly and freely through movement. For me, it is essential to allow these experiences to unfold. Everyone has something to contribute to the class and through these exchanges we open up the space for students to connect, intellectually, emotionally and physically.

There is a coalescence between theory and movement that provides key elements within my teaching practice.  My training in Horton, Limon, Laban/Bartenieff Fundamentals, Improvisation and Release Technique has contributed to my eclectic style of teaching. In my curriculum, I design exercises that focus on connecting the mind and body, engaging the core, following breath and flow, and developing spatial awareness. I build these components into movement motifs that emphasize spinal manipulation, core stability, weight shift, and spatial intention.

                                                                                                  Jennifer Sandoval Eccher  

Acting & Drama Classes
Master Classes /Residency

Stay tune for upcoming classes. 

Singing & Dance
Community Classes /Events / Discussions

Contemporary Dance with Melissa Ajayi

Tuesday and Thursday 10-11am at

Sha'Ran Studios

3445 Warrensville Center Rd. Shaker Heights OH 


This class will consist of a blend of modern technique and somatic work to prepare the body for a dynamic choreographed phrase. During this class participants, will use imagery and breath to influence movement and self-awareness in performance. 

For more information on Melissa please visit her   website

A Place in Time: There/Then

Saturday, June 4th and Sunday June, 5th
Hale Farm and Village
2686 Oak Hill Rd, Bath, OH 44210

A site specific performance throughout the grounds of this historic place. 

For information or to purchase tickets, please visit

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